Our Story

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Our Story

I am a Proverbs 31 woman in progress, wife of an amazing husband, homeschooling mother of 4 amazing blessings, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering mothers like you with natural solutions to care for your family's health and wellness needs...


I grew up in a very broken home and ended up raising myself and my younger brother. I used to think I was on my own, but now I know that God was watching over me the whole time and had a plan and purpose for my life. Throughout our lives, He placed wonderful Christian believers in our path to love, nurture and guide us. At age 11, one of the many "mothers" God placed in our lives taught me about Jesus and I knelt by the bed and asked Him to be my Lord and Savior! The Lord Jesus Christ IS our ONLY Hope and Salvation in this utterly depraved world ruled by Satan, the father of LIES!

My prayer is that if you have not already, that you would give your life completely over to your Heavenly Father who knitted you together in your mother's womb (Psalm 139:13) and cares for you more than you could possibly imagine! (Ephesians 3:20) You see, Satan wants to destroy your life with lies (1 Peter 5:8) when you listen to what the world tells you, but Jesus said, "I have come that you would have life, and that you would have it more abundantly!" (John 10:10) I want to invite and encourage you, dear precious friend, to Aspire Wellness with us, to seek what God has planned for you! (Jeremiah 29:11) If you have not given your life COMPLETELY over to Jesus Christ, I pray and encourage you to not wait one more minute, we are not guaranteed tomorrow dear friend!


Our journey with dōTERRA started as a result of desperation. Our son was 1 when he experienced his first extreme ear discomfort. As a result of needing 2 antibiotics within 2 weeks, he developed serious skin issues from eczema to open sores, and his developing immune system was completely destroyed!

We had a choice to make. We could either let this continue or we could chart a new path.

We chose to chart a new path, because our spirits knew this wasn’t how God designed motherhood to be. He entrusted these children, our mission field, to us and they deserved a mother who was full of joy, not anguish.

dōTERRA was an answer to prayer and it has changed the lives of my whole family! I was so empowered as a mother to be able to take care of my family with safer, less expensive, more effective natural solutions! We were able to swap out all of our chemical cleaners and health and beauty products for essential oil-based products that not only eliminated the chemicals, but also provided numerous health benefits!

We immediately felt called to share what we were learning and experiencing ALL for the glory and honor of the LORD! Our mission is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and EQUIP YOU to take care of your family's health and wellness naturally with God's medicine!

I am here to serve you! Reach out to me and let's schedule a time to discuss a plan for reaching YOUR goals whether they are strictly health and wellness or financial or both! Come join our thriving team going strong since 2014 where love and encouragement abound!

Your personal health & wellness expert, educator and business coach,
~ Lynn Rex

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